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Golden Globes: Bill Cosby and Sony aren’t safe from Tina Fey (VIDEO)

Bill Cosby and Amy Pascal may want to turn off the TV on Sunday night, because Tina Fey is going to rip them apart at the Golden Globes — and in Cosby’s case, it won’t be the first time.

Fey said that while she and cohost, Amy Poehler, don’t want to harsh the buzz of anyone who’s actually at the awards by making fun of them, Bill Cosby — who has no reason to be there — and the Sony e-mail hacking scandal are totally fair game.

“Amy and I have always said that the idea [is] that we don’t want anyone attending to be scared to be there because of us. It’s a party and it’s — in the grand scheme of the world, it couldn’t be less important and I think that’s what makes it fun,” Fey told Access Hollywood.

But when asked specifically if they planned to make Cosby jokes, she replied, “Oh, heck yes!”

This wouldn’t be the first time Fey tried to take down the Cos with humor. Long before his sex assault scandal blew up in the media, Fey mentioned it twice on her own shows.

2005 SNL Weekend Update: Cosby rape joke

You can view the 30 Rock Cosby rape joke on Mediaite.

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As far as the Sony hack goes, while Fey didn’t address it directly, Hollywood Foreign Press Association president, Theo Kingma, said it is definitely not off-limits.

“I’m sure there’ll be some comments this year about [the Sony scandal and The Interview], but we’ll let that happen from the people who are on stage,” he said. “Our focus is to provide the same prism that we always do, which is saluting excellence for the past year in both movies and TV, and whatever comes with that will come out naturally in the show.”

So it’s probably safe to say that Fey and Poehler have no qualms about yucking it up about the two issues at the Golden Globes. Of course, that doesn’t mean they have anything down on paper yet.

“Amy and I, we’ll get together tomorrow? One thing I will say about us: We don’t work hard. Always know that about us,” Fey said. “We’re gonna write ’til the last second and see what we get.”

Tune into the 2015 Golden Globe Awards, Sunday, Jan. 11 on NBC and see how harsh Fey and Poehler get.

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