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7 Times Sam Smith and his BF made our hearts melt

We’ve got a strong feeling Sam Smith’s next record is going to have a completely different sound than his last one.

The British singer-songwriter has been very candid about the sadness that went into his 2014 smash-hit album, In the Lonely Hour, and how his personal life influenced the music. “I fell in love with someone last year, and he didn’t love me back,” Smith told Teen Vogue last year. “I deleted him off of WhatsApp, and it felt like I’d just broken up with him. On the record you can hear heartbreak, and there’s a beauty in that I will always treasure.”

But, oh, how things have changed since songs like “Stay with Me” and “I’m Not the Only One” were written. Smith is now head over heels for a new guy and this time the love doesn’t seem to be unrequited.

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Smith and his dancer/model boyfriend, Jonathan Zeizel, seem very much in love and on the same page and we don’t mind being spectators.

Here are some of our favorite Smith and Zeizel social media moments.

1. Zeizel sneaks a video of Smith in the shower

Zeizel caught Smith in the shower, doing what he does best: singing, of course, and a Beyoncé song, no less. Who wouldn’t be proud to be with the person behind such amazing talent?

2. New Year’s selfies in Palm Beach

The couple look super comfy getting silly together.

3. Taking on adventures in Australia

If you can travel with your new significant other and not freak out, it’s a sign they’re a keeper.

4. At Taylor Swift’s birthday bash

They just look perfect together!

5. Their Titanic moment

King of the world, indeed.

6. Caught in a moment


7. Sam admiring his man from afar

OK, it’s not that far, but he’s definitely enjoying taking in all the lovely scenery.

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