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11 best Betty White GIFs on the internet

Happy birthday to Betty White, who turns 95 today! So, how about we take a look at some of her best moments… in GIFs?

One would think that after Betty White’s hugely successful run on the sitcom Golden Girls, about four elderly women in living together in their golden years, she would drift off into obscurity. But that show was simply the launching pad for part two of White’s acting career.

Betty White
Image: Giphy

Wow, just look at those legs! Who knew tap dancing is one of the secrets to longevity? We might just have to dust off those old tap shoes in our closet.

But another part of aging gracefully is staying relevant. It takes more than performing a time step to do that. Betty White is the queen of wit, and in the next GIF, she says exactly what we’ve been dying to say to all those douchebags out there.

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Betty White GIF
Image: Giphy

We only wish our own grandmas could be so blunt.

Betty White Hot in Cleveland
Image: Giphy

Another thing we love about White is that she still crushes on hot boys. How many 93-year-old women get to openly express their sexuality? Clearly, that is helping to keep her young.

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Betty White and Jon Hamm
Image: Giphy

In the above GIF, White is dancing with none other than Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, proving she still has the moves.

Betty White wax figure
Image: Giphy

We love that Madame Tussauds honored White with a wax figure and think it’s just adorable how she wipes her lipstick off her doppelgänger after kissing her. If we only knew what she whispered to her wax self!

Betty White GIF
Image: Giphy

This GIF with Katie Couric and Andy Cohen perfectly demonstrates Betty White’s sharp wit.

Betty White frosting cake
Image: Giphy

This GIF shows Betty White’s true talent in the kitchen.

Betty White shaking it
Image: Giphy

Another treat from Golden Girls — Betty sure can shake it!

Betty White gets frisked
Image: Giphy

This one’s from Hot In Cleveland. When the metal detector goes off, it’s revealed that Betty White’s character has a “garter flask. Ketel One.” We wonder if we can buy one of those garter flasks on Amazon.

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Betty White on vodka
Image: Giphy

And like all mentally sharp persons in their 90s, or nonagenarians as they’re called, she keeps up with her favorite hobby.

We love you, Betty White.

Betty White and Carol Burnett
Image: Giphy

What do you love about Betty White? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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