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Little Women‘s Terra Jole on the heartbreaking truth about her pregnancy

There have only been two episodes of Little Women: LA and already Terra Jole has faced so much in such a short period of time.

After unexpectedly getting pregnant — even though she was the only cast member who didn’t seem to have babies on the brain — things only seemed to get more intense for Jole in last night’s episode.

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We caught up with Jole, who is now six months pregnant, to find out how things have been since telling Joe and the girls.

“Since the beginning it’s been a crazy whirlwind, which you’ll definitely see throughout the show. There are things that I found out about the pregnancy that I didn’t know previously,” Jole admitted.

Jole continued, opening up about the scary truth of her pregnancy. “With everything that Joe and I went through, our doctor is currently telling us there’s a chance the child may not survive — whether it be two years, maybe five years — but eventually the child won’t survive. I never knew that, because I thought since he and I were different types of dwarfism that we would be safe. So this is a whole new piece of information that I’m finding out, and it’s really scary.”

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Jole said this brought up a lot of questions for her about how to proceed with her pregnancy. “It was like, do I have the child and then wait and say, ‘Oh, it lived to be 5, it had a good life.’ Or do I say, ‘I need to no longer have this child.’ And then, even that, there’s a 75 percent chance that it won’t have the double dominant. So it was a really trying moment for us to find this information out because we both didn’t realize that was even in the equation, and now we’re told it’s a possibility.”

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The story line of Jole’s pregnancy is really taking Season 2 of the show to a whole new level.

“There’s definitely some catty girl drama in this season,” Jole said. “But it’s so family and heart and true to real problems that little people go through on a regular basis. And it’s true to what women go through on a regular basis. Some of these women are trying to get pregnant, and whether it be age or whether it be something in their dynamics with their husbands, who knows. I’m just saying these are all issues that we’re going through throughout the season, and you really see it played out emotionally. It’s not all catty drama, which is kind of awesome. There’s definitely a lot of catty drama, but there’s a lot of heart as well.”

Though Jole is dealing with a scary aspect of pregnancy, she’s also taking time to enjoy it and experience all the ebbs and flows pregnant women go through. “I hate maternity clothes. I feel like it should be called 50-plus, because they’re not flattering and they look like the worst schoolteacher clothes you could ever ask for. So I’m trying to manipulate larger versions of clothes for me, which has been working out so far. It’s been an interesting journey thus far. I’m loving it!”

Jole also discussed the weight gain. “I started at 90 pounds or 95ish, and [my doctor] said through the whole thing [to] gain 20 pounds. I passed 20 pounds a long time ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if I gained my own body weight. I’m just kidding! I hope not!” Jole said with a laugh.

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As for the sex of the baby, Jole told us, “It’s a surprise! It’s revealed in the very last episode. We’re finding out this weekend.

“Truthfully, I want a boy,” Jole continued when we asked if she had a preference. “But I’ll be OK with a boy or girl. I just feel like boys are going to be easier, and I’m more of a tomboy at heart. But I’ll be happy girl or boy.”

As for her album, Jole said she is still super-involved. “I do release another song this season. I was planning on releasing my entire album this coming March, but it looks like it’s going to be more of a late spring release. Which is OK, it’s just since I found out I’m due in March it just leads to needing to adjust some release dates.”

Jole said the single is coming soon, but we’ll have to tune in to the show. She did add, “It would be pretty weird if I was doing a booty dance and I have a big pregnant belly.”

We’re hoping for a pregnant belly spoof video!

Little Women: LA airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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