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Kylie Jenner posts cleavage shot that indicates possible boob job (PHOTO)


Kylie Jenner is garnering a lot of attention — again.

And we aren’t sure if it’s all that great attention for a 17-year-old, either.

Being part of a super social family that has a tendency to overshare (remember how Kim Kardashian got famous in the first place? Yeah… an allegedly self-leaked sex tape), Kylie might just be following in her famous half-sister’s footsteps.

Recently, the model posted an almost unrecognizable and rather cleavage-y photo to her Instagram account.

The pic shows Jenner wearing a low-cut tank top. Of course, she’s got her trademark pout and ultra-plush lashes, but it’s what’s inside her top that has us wondering, “Did Kylie get a boob job?!” Now we all know the wonder of a great push-up bra, so the jury is still out.

But wow, they are impressive… and large.

Now check out this photo she posted a few months ago:

What do you think? Did Kylie Jenner get some work done? Or is she just blessed… with a good push-up bra?

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