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Empire premiere: 16 Things viewers had to say about the show in tweets


Fox’s Empire had its long-awaited series premiere last night, and the melodramatic and soapy music-based show looks to have earned rave reviews, at least where people on Twitter are concerned.

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Our verdict: Empire is all over the place and we love it. Billed as a “unique family drama set in the world of a hip-hop empire,” the show centers on Lucious, a hip-hop mogul played by Terrence Howard, who has been diagnosed with ALS and only has three years to live. Lucious now needs to decide which of his three sons, who all appear to be very different, will do the Ice Bucket Challenge/take over his empire given he isn’t prepared to split it among the three of them.

Also in the mix? Lucious’ ex, Cookie — played to powerhouse perfection by Taraji P. Henson — who was just released after spending 17 years in the big house on drug charges. The illegal business she was running in relation to said drugs is how Lucious got the money to start his business in the first place, and now Cookie has come to collect. And based on what we’ve seen, we think it’s safe to say this is a woman who won’t stop until she gets what she wants. If we’re being honest, we’re pretty excited about all the da-rama this woman is going to bring. She is a downright boss.

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It seems we’re not alone: Cookie and the woman who portrays her were on the receiving end of a lot love following last night’s premiere. Can’t say we’re surprised. All the best characters are those we simultaneously fear and are in awe of, right?

The show itself also seems to have a lot of people talking, and the place they’re all talking is where everyone seems to congregate to spout TV love: Twitter. Here are some words from those, including some celebs, who were all over Empire‘s premiere.

It makes sense that she with an empire would watch Empire

The only time we can tolerate mess is when it is steaming hot

Bill is confused

Probably the most accurate tweet of the night

So do we, but why isn’t it called Lee Daniels’ Empire?

Short and sweet, just like the time she didn’t spend in Beyoncé’s shadow

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This is as rousing an endorsement as they come

Cookie is firmly cemented as our stride idol

Trust us when we tell you walking was a big part of the episode

Your move, iTunes

FYI, so will we

Perhaps Fox could use this tweet to promote the show?

Given she’s one half of a magical fictional pair, we believe what she says

We have to admit, we are looking at our brooms differently

He who intercut a sex scene with an autopsy scene would know about such things

Did you watch Empire? What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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