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9 Tina Fey, Amy Poehler SNL skits to prepare you for the Golden Globes

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are set to host the Golden Globes for the third and final (boo!) time on Sunday, Jan. 11. In anticipation, we’ve really been hitting memory lane hard where these two are concerned.

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Amy and Tina have known each other for nearly 20 years, performing together long before either one of them was a bona-fide star/pioneer/dream best friend of everyone everywhere, but their time at Studio 8H is really where the greater population was turned on to their superhuman humor powers.

A lot of their best joint moments came courtesy of Weekend Update, which they hosted together between 2004 and 2006, marking the first time two women had anchored the segment. With the way Weekend Update is these days, SNL should just replay old clips of Amy and Tina at the news desk. No one would care the news they’re delivering is old hat; frankly, viewers would probably be relieved, and they may actually laugh at the segment for the first time since last May.

Also indicative of their icon status? They were able to deliver some of the show’s most classic moments even beyond their joint tenure on the show, proving they’re basically the human equivalents of magnets, and they’re absolutely perfect together. We love them in these post-tenure SNL skits together so much, we wish they’d done more stuff just the two of them besides Update when they were both on the show.

As a public service, and also because we need to fill our days somehow, we spent some time watching available Tina and Amy Saturday Night Live videos and have compiled some of those videos here in this very article. Convenient. For good measure, we’ve also included a video of each of them performing without the other to demonstrate that the reason these two are powerhouses together is because they are comedy geniuses individually.

Clinton and Palin

Well, obviously, this one was going to make the list. It was defining during the 2008 election campaign and is a wonderful example of SNL at the top of its game. If you aren’t familiar with the phrase, “I can see Russia from my house,” may I ask if you own the rock you live under, or are you renting it?

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Couric and Palin

Everybody that I am speaking with is ill about the fact that beyond this year’s Golden Globes and Tina and Amy’s upcoming movie, Sisters, we don’t have a concrete date for when we’re going to see them together next. Anxiety is at an all-time high.

“Bitch is the new black”

The only time I really care for the word “bitch” is when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are using it. They can do pretty much whatever they want, and I’ll endorse it.

Weekend Update joke-off

Fallon, I love you, but let’s all just acknowledge that the loudest screams during this segment were for Tina and Amy. Also, I don’t want to get all critical, but Tina and Amy had way better buzzer sounds than Seth and Jimmy. This is the breadth of their talent; they even excel at fake buzzer noises. The real winners of this round were the viewers.

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Mom jeans

All it took to get me on board with this skit was the sight of Tina and Amy wide-mouth laughing together.

Bush twins

I imagine Tina and Amy lie in twin singles late at night sharing their hopes, secret thoughts, plans for collaboration, etc., in their secret language. I’m currently contemplating using the two of them saying, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night,” as my ringtone.

Taking Lindsay under their wing

Between Tina, Amy and Oprah, Lindsay Lohan has had the holy trinity of mentors. Tina and Amy are also our mentors. They may not know they are, and they may not have consented to it, but they are our mentors.

Palin rap

Amy Poehler gave birth to her son a week after performing this rap to perfection. Two words: rock star.

Girls parody

If the closest I could get to Tina Fey was hanging out with Blerta, I’d take it.

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