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Chris Pratt skipped the People’s Choice Awards, but he had a good excuse

One person was conspicuously missing from Wednesday night’s People’s Choice Awards: co-host Anna Faris’ hubby, Chris Pratt.

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Fortunately, it turns out the Guardians of the Galaxy star had a good excuse for playing hooky.

I am going to walk the red carpet with my co-star, co-host Allison Janney,” Faris told ET Canada. “I want my husband to come with me, but I also want to walk the red carpet with Alison. Our sweet son, on a more serious note, is having eye surgery, so he may be at home with him, but I’d love to see him.”

Faris and Pratt opened up the People’s Choice Awards with possibly the most hilarious skit of the night. But when we realized Pratt was actually missing from the People’s Choice Awards audience, we were a bit concerned, so we searched for an answer!

According to Us Weekly, the couple’s 2-year-old son, Jack, was born nine weeks premature and weighed less than 4 pounds at his birth. Faris and Pratt were warned by doctors at the time that Jack would likely need cosmetic surgery to correct his eyes, and that he might have special needs as well. Faris said last month that the news was “devastating” at first, but became a challenge she and Pratt could overcome together.

“It also felt like, you know, ‘We can do this,'” she said.

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Pratt also opened up about Jack during the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies in December.

“Our Jack went from a small, helpless little squirt to a strong, smart, happy, funny, beautiful boy who loves monster trucks and Daniel Tiger, and, believe it or not, loves vegetables,” he shared.

But despite what Faris and Pratt say, was taking care of Jack the real reason Pratt got stuck at home with daddy duty?

Faris also joked about what it’s like to be eclipsed by his steadily rising movie stardom.

“To be honest, lately he’s been intimidating me,” she said. “So sometimes I just want him to stay home.”

And it sounds like Faris was all set for a fun girls’ night out with her Mom costar.

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“I’m going to take care of her,” Janney said. “She’s going to be my date.”

Faris and Janney definitely did take care of each other; they did an amazing job hosting! But if you didn’t see Pratt and Farris’ opening skit, watch it now. It’s a must-see.

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