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How early will Teresa Giudice get off of her prison sentence?

Teresa Giudice’s prison sentence just started, but her lawyer is already talking release — and it might be sooner than we thought.

Giudice’s lawyer, James L. Leonard Jr., said Giudice, who is doing time at a minimum security white collar prison in Danbury, Connecticut, might be home in time for Christmas with her girls despite being handed a 15-month sentence.

“Typically, you have to do 85 percent of that sentence, so that calculation comes out to a little under 13 months,” Leonard told E! News. “Our projections are that if nothing changes with her sentence she should be released sometime in early December.”

And as of Jan. 8, it has been reported that the Bureau of Prisons website’s “inmate locator” feature lists Giudice’s release date as Feb. 5, 2016.

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But on the off chance that she has to do the full 15 months, her children will be without both parents for a bit as husband Joe is due to report for his four-year sentence in March 2016.

“There will certainly be an overlap where they will be together, which will be taxing on him and the girls,” Leonard said.

Despite the fact that Giudice won’t exactly be in Rikers, that doesn’t mean she is facing a cakewalk for the next year-plus. She will have to work at a prison job for seven hours a day where she will be paid a whopping 12 to 40 cents per hour. It could be anything from laundry to landscaping, but Leonard said she’s hoping for a gig in the kitchen.

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“She indicated that if she had her choice to work she would like to work in the kitchen facility because she’s obviously a good cook,” he said.

Italian-style prison gruel, anyone? Yum, yum, yum.

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