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Bill Cosby accusers lash out at Phylicia Rashad as three more step forward

On a day when three more women have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, several other accusers are speaking out against Phylicia Rashad’s defense of her old friend and costar.

Attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference to detail the experiences of three new Cosby accusers, who all told similar stories: that Cosby allegedly drugged them and then sexually assaulted them.

A woman identified only as “Kacey” said she met Cosby when she was working as an assistant at the William Morris Agency. The first incident occurred when she says Cosby invited her to his home to read a script for a scene which contained a kiss and he used the opportunity to force some lip-to-lip action.

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On another occasion, Kacey said she met Cosby at the Hotel Bel-Air for a business meeting and woke up in his bed hours later with him naked beside her. She was so traumatized, she said, that she had to quit her job.

The two other new accusers, Linda Kirkpatrick and Lynn Neal, both say they met Cosby at a tennis club. Kirkpatrick said she went to Cosby’s room where he offered her a “fruity drink.” She woke up hours later to find Cosby on top of her.

Neal claims she became woozy after Cosby ordered her a shot of vodka with dinner, and alleges he had sex with her while she was disoriented.

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Allred proposed a settlement similar to that calculated by the Catholic Church in response to decades-old molestation allegations, then took Phylicia Rashad to task for sticking up for her old costar rather than supporting alleged victims of sexual assault.

“Phylicia, you should be supporting these women rather than joining Cosby’s paid ‘attack dogs’ who are trying to undermine them any way they can,” she said.

Allred wasn’t the only one speaking out against Rashad today. Two previous accusers are absolutely aghast at her recent statement in favor of Cosby.

Former Playboy Bunny, Sarita Butterfield, told TMZ, “What if something like this happened to her daughter? Shame on her and shame on Bill.”

Angela Leslie added, “I looked at her as a woman with morals, and it’s sad that she’s speaking like this.”

And Katherine McKee is “disturbed” by Rashad’s statement, saying she believes the actress was purely motivated by money. “When they pull the shows, residuals stop. So they step up and figure out what they can say to get it back. I think it’s about money with her… suddenly she is losing her money.”

Bye, Phylicia.

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