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Marvel’s Agent Carter review: Peggy is just the kind of heroine TV needs


She’s sophisticated, she’s intelligent, she rocks some red lipstick, oh ya, and she can kick some major butt. Like major.

I’m totally sold on Marvel’s Agent Carter.

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And I’m absolutely obsessing over Hayley Atwell in the role of Peggy Carter. First of all, Atwell is a real and curvy woman. She’s got some pizzazz to her that American television is sorely missing. BBC is much better about embracing a broader range of women in lead roles, but it’s so exciting to see this trend finally bleeding overseas. Forget those androgynous model-types, Atwell is 100 percent woman reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe days and I just can’t get enough. Put a gun in her hands and a chip on her shoulder, and I’m dying to be her. Talk about instantly selling a heroine.

But the whole cast is worth mentioning. They’re great, and the characters really sell the series. I can already tell that Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) is going to have a soft spot in my heart. James D’Arcy is brilliant in everything but the role of Edwin Jarvis is perfect for him as the shy yet intelligent overseer. And it’s so refreshing to see Chad Michael Murray in a role (as Jack Thompson) that finally shows off his acting chops. I can’t wait to see him rise to the challenge.

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OK, I’m done gushing about the characters. For now.

Let’s move on to the action. The feel of the show is almost noir in the way the classic cars zoom around old-fashioned street corners and guns are drawn while women are called, “pals.” It’s all very elegant in the way it plays so seamlessly using the style to capitalize on the action.

The plot actually reminds me of Alias, except in the ’40s so with a lot less technology and a lot more sharply fitted suits and typewriters.

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But, of course, it also caters so perfectly to the new wave of feminism that has seized our world this past year. Agent Carter has to play the game in a sexist, male world and there isn’t really a moment the show lets us forget it. Of course, Carter is just as good (if not better) than all the men combined. They just haven’t accepted it yet. Something tells me they will. She’ll make them. And I’m going to love watching that transformation unfold.

What did you think of Marvel’s Agent Carter premiere?

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