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Pretty Little Liars review: So much for Ali being guilty

The moral of the Pretty Little Liars story is that we all lie. It’s just a matter of not getting caught. (Especially given Emily’s hairbrush plan tonight. So glad that didn’t work!)

Unfortunately, Emily’s botched plan doesn’t stop Ali’s lies from catching up to her in a big way because she’s the girl who cried wolf one too many times. Now she’s crying innocent and no one believes her. Well, I believe she didn’t murder Mona. I just also don’t believe she’s entirely innocent.

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All the liars and Mona’s mom think Ali’s responsible for Mona’s death. But, without a body, it’s hard to prove anything. Even some handy telepathy from a returned Mrs. Grunwald really doesn’t lead to much, except a few creepy encounters.

Thanks to some handy cameras Mona planted in her home before her death, the police discover that someone very Ali-like killed Mona. They also decide that since Ali killed once, she probably was capable of killing multiple times. The police pin Bethany’s murder on her too and it’s off to sporting an orange jumpsuit for Ali as Spencer is cleared. Let’s be real though, Ali wouldn’t be the scared little girl in prison. She would find a way to rule that place.

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Aside from the dramatic A storyline, this episode was just really, really sad.

Mike sold it tonight with his passive outlook at Mona’s death. Until the end, of course, when he finally breaks down after a conversation with Aria. That one really tugged at my heart strings. And I’m so glad Mike is finally back on the show. Of course, we were sad to see Mona go, but tonight was the first time we really felt the loss.

Between Mike’s breakdown and Paige moving to California, I was reaching for some tissues. Of course, I am a long way away from giving up hope for Paily. I think Paige will definitely be gone from the show for a while, but the storyline is clearly open ended, meaning she can return at any time. And, as we know in Pretty Little Liars, no one is ever really gone for good.

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Especially A.

And this leads me to my big point of the evening. If A isn’t Ali — and it really doesn’t look like she is at this point — then I’m convinced that A has to be one of the liars. I’m still working out this theory (check back for a more detailed article coming soon). But practically everyone else on the show has been suspected and cleared at this point. Think about it: Ezra, Toby, Caleb, Paige, Jenna… even the parents! Plus, there are so many characters that come and go so often on the show, the only steady suspects are the liars. That fireworks display tonight pretty much sealed my suspicions.

Do you think A could be one of the liars?

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