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New Canadian sitcoms you’ll want to watch in 2015

Canadian television can get a bad rap. However, Orphan Black has proved that truly great television is being made in Canada right now. This year there are a slew of new comedic shows that will aim to join those ranks.

In the bevy of new shows, Canadian legends will be gracing the small screen, as will the rising stars of Canadian comedy. We’re ridiculously excited to follow these shows as they progress, so let’s start with the four best-looking pilots this month. Grab your Timbits while you can, and get ready to laugh your face off.


This new sketch show focuses on Sunnyside, an insane neighbourhood inhabited by beloved Toronto sketch players like Alice Moran, Pat Thornton, Kathleen Phillips, Kevin Vidal and Rob Norman. This show is giving a new generation of comedians the national exposure they deserve, and we can’t wait! If you can’t wait, then here is a sneak peek at one of the sketches. Sunnyside premieres Jan. 8 on City.
Schitt’s Creek

When a wealthy family loses all its assets, it’s forced to move to Schitt’s Creek, a town it once purchased as a joke. CBC has a lot riding on this show to bolster its comedy offerings, and the high-concept premise is definitely a risky move. The show stars comedy superstars Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, and discovering it is like finding the dream we never knew we had has finally come true. Schitt’s Creek premieres Jan. 13 on CBC.
Young Drunk Punk

Bruce McCulloch’s new series, based loosely on his autobiography, follows two kids navigating life after high school in 1980s Calgary. The Kids in the Hall alum shot the series in his native Calgary and will play a version of his own father in the show. We’re looking forward to the ’80s fashions and the hilariously wild mind of McCulloch. Young Drunk Punk premieres Jan. 21 on City.

Man Seeking Woman

Starring Jay Baruchel and shot in Toronto, this show is one we’re going to count as Canadian even though it may technically be an American production. The show will follow Baruchel as Josh Greenberg, a hopeless romantic whose pathetic quest for love will hopefully have us laughing as well as cringing. From the trailer, it looks like a surreal, awkward masterpiece with top-calibre guest stars. Man Seeking Woman appears Jan. 14 on FXX Canada.

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