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A full-size Ant-Man trailer is finally here (VIDEO)

Marvel fans won’t have any problem finding room in their hearts for the comic book giant’s newest superhero — he’s the smallest one yet.

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We finally have a full-length trailer for Marvel’s upcoming action flick Ant-Man, and for lovers of comic books (or Paul Rudd), it’s a dream come true.

The trailer premiered on ABC on Tuesday night during the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off show Agent Carter. Ant-Man is set to open in mid-July — right in the middle of summer blockbuster season, of course.

The new trailer gives us a little bit of insight into the plot of the highly anticipated hero flick. Rudd plays the thief-turned-bug-size hero Scott Lang, Michael Douglas is his mentor Henry “Hank” Pym and Evangeline Lilly lends her talents as Pym’s daughter, Hope.

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We get sneak peeks of both the action and the humor we’ve come to expect from Marvel’s movies, when, interspersed between shots of fights and explosions, Pym says to Lang, “Scott, I need you to be the Ant-Man,” to which Rudd, as Lang, replies, “One question: Is it too late to change the name?”

We also get a first look at the film’s villain, Yellowjacket, who’s played by guest star Corey Stoll.

Entertainment Weekly featured Ant-Man on its most recent cover, promising “badass insects, prison fights and a villain with a killer buzz.” It also described the movie’s tumultuous history; its screenplay was actually written more than a decade ago, long before Marvel dropped Iron Man and became the mega-successful movie producer it is today.

The first director for Ant-Man unexpectedly exited the project, EW reports, and it took years to find a new filmmaker to take on the challenging project.

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What do you think of the trailer for Ant-Man? Will you see the movie? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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