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Introducing a One Direction cover band that will make you LOL

Are you ready for the “ultimate tribute experience”?

One and Only Direction is here to deliver just that… or something. Billed (by themselves) to be the most realistic One Direction cover band on the U.K. market, the boys who make up One and Only Direction are probably great at a lot of things — but impersonating One Direction isn’t really one of them.

One thing they are definitely great at? Pissing off One Direction fans, who, as we all know by now, take their “fandom” pretty seriously.

The hashtag #STOPyouarenot1D has been trending since the internet discovered One and Only Direction, and to say that the Directioners using it to bash the tribute band on Twitter are upset is putting things pretty lightly.

“When you try your best but don’t succeed,” one Twitter user wrote. Another posted a photo of the lookalike Harry Styles next to a picture of a donkey, writing “I see no difference.”

Those Directioners need to take a chill pill, because this band is hilarious. Their three-minute promo video on YouTube is a lot of off-key renditions of 1D songs coupled with some seriously awkward, out-of-time-with-the-music air humping, which seems to be the only move these kids know. The video also features testimonials about how realistic One and Only Direction is — one claims they were mobbed by fans after being mistaken for the real thing — that, frankly, sounds made up.

We think Directioners need to lighten up and stop sending this band death threats (yes, that actually happened). Meanwhile, we’ll be over here watching the video for the 10th time and giggling just as hard as we did the first time we saw it. When you’re done with your Twitter hissy fit, 1D fans, you’re welcome to join us.

Will you be booking One and Only Direction for your next party? Better hurry — all the hype has increased their bookings, according to their Twitter.

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