Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ad gives a clear view of his package (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber just landed a gig as a Calvin Klein model, and the photos he shared may demonstrate why Selena Gomez just can’t quit him.

Bieber shared two photos from his new Calvin Klein Jeans ad campaign and we gotta say, the kid is pretty ripped. Doesn’t take away from his attitude problem, but… well, see for yourself.

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So, let’s talk about those jockey shorts. Those are stuffed, right? I mean, it’s not exactly Jon Hamm proportions or anything, but it’s way more than I would have given the Biebs credit for. I think we may have just discovered why Selena Gomez spent Taylor Swift’s entire birthday party crying.

Bieber joins a long line of Calvin Klein models to bare their skin, from Brooke Shields (the original) to Kate Moss to Marky Mark. Even Nick Jonas let nothing come between him and his Calvins in Flaunt magazine last fall.

But you, sir, are no Nick Jonas.