Cara Delevingne and her late grandma look so much alike (PHOTOS)

Supermodel Cara Delevingne took to Instagram on Tuesday to pay tribute to her late grandmother Angela Delevingne, who died at age 102.

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The model posted a collage of photos alongside a beautiful, heartfelt message about her paternal grandmother, and fans are shocked at the striking resemblance between Delevingne’s looks and those of her late grandmother.

“Rest in peace Angela Delevingne the kindest, most intelligent and wickedly funny human I have ever had the pleasure of knowing let alone being related to. An amazing mother, grandmother, great grandmother and also friend,” she wrote.

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The British star is well known for her bushy eyebrows, but in her tribute she commented on her late grandmother’s brows — which are very similar to her own.

“You will live forever in my heart and will be missed dearly by all. You truly had the best eyebrows in the world,” Delevingne wrote. However, it is not just the eyebrows that Delevingne appears to have inherited; she also appears to have her grandmother’s lips and nose.

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Delevingne’s older sister Poppy also took to social media to pay tribute to her late grandmother, who she fondly referred to as “Gaga.”

Angela was the mother of father Charles Delevingne, and passed away almost 40 years after the death of her husband, Edward Dudley Delevingne, who according to The Mirror died in 1974.

Our thoughts are with the Delevingne family during this sad time.


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