Parks and Rec‘s farewell promo gives us all the goose bumps (VIDEO)

Oh my God, guys! There’s a new promo for the upcoming final season of Parks and Rec. It’s both exciting and heartbreaking all at the same time.

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Parks and Recreation‘s final season is fast approaching and we can’t even handle it. We don’t want to leave Pawnee, miss out on Tom’s shenanigans or stop watching Leslie Knope try to save the world. Turns out we have to, though… because they’re abandoning us. We knew it was inevitable, but that doesn’t make it any less rough. As a parting gift, NBC has released a farewell trailer full of awesomesauce and candid moments. Take a look.
Maybe we missed it because, uh, you know, we got something in our eyes. But, it looks like NBC missed the perfect moment to end the video with “#YoureWelcome.” AmIRight?

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While the promo is mostly just the cast reminiscing over their years on the show, a few promises were made. Do we actually expect the gang to solve a murder in every episode? No. But we absolutely expect to see plenty of people be drawn back to Pawnee. In particular, we won’t be happy without appearances from Rob Lowe and Megan Mullally. We love watching Mullally get a little weird with her real-life husband, Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson). It looks like we can also expect plenty of laughs and even a few tears. Sweetness!

Perhaps Leslie says it best (when she says it exactly how Jason Bourne said it): “This is where it started for me. This is where it ends.” We’re not ready to say goodbye, but we’re glad it’s ending in Pawnee instead of following Leslie to a new town with a whole new cast of coworkers we’d need to know.

Ready for this? Yeah, we aren’t, either.

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