Jamie Foxx teaches us how to say Quvenzhané’s name once and for all (VIDEO)

Jamie Foxx wants to set the record straight.

How on earth do you pronounce Quvenzhané? Since he knows she is going to be a household name anyway, he really wanted you to know how to pronounce (and stop butchering) his Annie costar’s name.

Quvenzhané Wallis may be only 11 years old, but she already has a seriously impressive résumé. Having been in 12 Years a Slave and Beast of a Southern Wild before starring in Annie, we don’t expect anything but great things from her as she continues to grow.

Foxx surprised moviegoers over the holidays by showing up at a theater to treat them to a performance… and a learning experience. He wanted to teach everyone how to say his costar’s name with a song, set to the tune of a Christmas carol, so that maybe, just maybe, the public will pronounce her name correctly from now on.

Take a listen and get your learn on.


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