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Pretty Little Liars: 9 Unresolved issues you may have forgotten about


Pretty Little Liars is getting so complicated, it’s hard to keep track of all the crazy story lines. We’re here to help with a quick and easy refresher before Season 5 returns.

This is a look at where we ended the series with the Christmas special.

WARNING: Major spoilers below. If you aren’t caught up on the show and don’t want to know what happens, do not continue reading.

1. Things don’t look good for Ali

Right now, Ali is the No. 1 A suspect. She has alienated herself from the liars completely and gotten herself a new posse including Sydney and Jenna. But her new group of friends may be lying to her even more than the liars.

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2. Ali knew Bethany

The biggest reveal in the Christmas episode was that Ali knew Bethany. Hanna (Ashley Benson) finds letters written between Alison and Bethany, which means Alison didn’t just know about Bethany, she was in touch with her. Furthermore, she invited Bethany to spend Labor Day with her before the disastrous night happened. Was Ali plotting Bethany’s death all along?

3. Mona is dead

And while we’re already mourning her absence on the show (Marley Mona just didn’t do it for us), the bigger question looming overhead is who killed her. When the show returns, a few months have passed since Christmas, but Mona’s body is still nowhere to be found. Still, her family holds a funeral and, though there isn’t a body in Mona’s coffin, it’s full of secrets and lies. Can A bury them in time? Or will the liars discover who killed her?

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4. Spencer is accused of Mona’s death

Just because she’s out on bail doesn’t mean Spencer’s problems are over. Poor Spencer just can’t seem to catch a break these past few seasons. It’s been a rough road for the girl, and we can’t help but wonder if she’s on the road back to Radley.

5. Paige is moving to California

Just because Pretty Little Liars gave us shirtless men in the Christmas special doesn’t mean they made up for the fact that they ruined our Paige and Emily (Shay Mitchell) dreams in one fell swoop. Long-distance relationships on Pretty Little Liars can only last for so long. We learned that lesson well with Caleb and Hanna. But, just like with Caleb and Hanna, characters can return. We’re not giving up hope for these two just yet.

6. CeCe Drake is back

This one got a long and frustrated sigh out of us when she popped back up in the show. All we could think is, “Now what?” And that really is the key question, isn’t it? Because no matter how many personalized scents CeCe crafts for Ali, she’s no doubt crafting something not so innocent along with it.

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7. Where the hell is Noel Kahn?

I think I ask this every chance I get, just because he’s the one character on the show who really, really makes no sense at all. Where are his parents? Why isn’t he in school? Isn’t anyone worried about him? What’s his big connection to Ali that keeps him tied to her? It seems like every other episode one of the liars asks about his whereabouts and that’s all the story continuation we get. Except when he’s breaking into houses as a hooded figure that looks a lot like A. We’re hoping for some serious Noel Kahn resolutions in 5B. Unfortunately, we have a sneaking suspicion we won’t get our wish on this one.

8. The Lucas question

Lucas vowed to help the liars defeat Ali and her army during the Christmas episode, which means his role on the show is shifting, especially now that Mona is dead. Moving forward, we could definitely see Lucas stepping into a Mona-esque role, but does this mean the “I Hate Ali” club is gone for good? Or is Lucas just playing his cards right until he can go back to doing things his way?

9. Ali and Detective Holbrook are probably, most likely, dating

But Ali seems to view men as more of her playthings than take them seriously as partners. So when we found out that Ali was kissing Santa Holbrook, we didn’t wonder how these amazing feelings must have developed; we wondered what Ali wants from Holbrook.

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