State of Affairs: Katherine Heigl responds to negative Muslim controversy

Katherine Heigl’s new hit, State of Affairs, isn’t without its controversies, despite the actress’s attempts to return to the limelight in a positive way.

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Still, Heigl isn’t shying away from the challenges the new show is throwing her way, and she proved it during a Facebook Q&A on Monday.

“I love your show and watch it every week,” one Facebook fan wrote, “however my husband refuses, he says it portrays Muslims negatively. How would you address his concerns?”

“I would tell him to be patient and see how the season unfolds,” Heigl responded. “We aren’t portraying Muslims negatively but rather terrorism in all forms… Charleston is trying to protect the ideals of the Muslim religion by eradicating those who hold it hostage.”

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State of Affairs follows Charleston Tucker (Heigl) who transitions from CIA agent to the president’s daily briefer and has to be responsible for determining America’s most critical threats, one of those key threats being terrorism.

Heigl is no stranger to negative publicity.

Most notably, in 2008, Heigl said that she didn’t feel she deserved an Emmy nomination for her role on Grey’s Anatomy because she didn’t think the writing was good enough. Creator Shonda Rhimes wasn’t pleased and Heigl was cut from the show in Season 6.

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But she’s also been vocal about her distaste of other roles she’s had. She called her hit film, Knocked Up, “sexist” in Vanity Fair in 2007 and her momager, Nancy, apparently has a bad reputation on set, which hasn’t done Heigl any favors.

But if her eloquent and well-thought-out statement in response to the fan question proves anything, it’s that Heigl is learning from her mistakes.

One fan asked the star if she regrets anything she’s done in her life, to which Heigl said, “I recently read this great quote from Marilyn Monroe that made me rethink some of my regrets… ‘Nothing lasts forever, so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, avoid the drama, take chances and never have regrets because at one point everything you did was exactly what you wanted.'”


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