Portia de Rossi’s revenge on Ellen is amazing: Don’t believe me? Just watch

Ellen DeGeneres slays it on the treadmill, but it’s not her running skills that will amaze you.

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Portia de Rossi leaked a video of her wife on the treadmill via Twitter on Monday, after DeGeneres started a workout war with her spouse on The Ellen DeGeneres Show by tweeting a video of de Rossi doing a Jane Fonda workout tape. Of course, DeGeneres didn’t just film and release the video. She showed it to Jane Fonda herself when she had her on the show.

She even released more of de Rossi’s smooth moves later on Twitter.

De Rossi was quick to respond by pulling the same prank on DeGeneres while she ran on the treadmill.

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We definitely think DeGeneres’ running trumps de Rossi’s aerobic moves when it comes to most entertaining. Not only is DeGeneres belting out Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” ft. Bruno Mars (amazing choice, if we say so), but she also adds in some jerky dance moves, including one over the head groove at the beginning that definitely had us chuckling.

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We’d also like to take a moment to notice DeGeneres’ workout style. The high socks and Converse-looking shoes definitely make her look like she should be doing more hip-hop moves than running. Some bright red headphones complete her adorable workout look.

Of course, DeGeneres had the last word. She retweeted de Rossi’s video of her treadmill run but was sure to warn, “You’re pretty brave for a woman who likes to do naked pilates.”

Does this mean the workout war has only just begun?


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