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Switched at Birth: 9 things people are really hating about Daphne

With the Switched at Birth Season 4 premiere just a day away, some fans have had just about enough of Daphne.

They’ve taken to Facebook and Twitter. They’re using choice words such as “brat” and “child.” Fans of the show are sick and tired of Daphne and they’re not afraid to say why they hate her so much right now.

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1. She’s a spoiled brat

This is a comment I saw a lot and I have to say, I’m totally on board with this opinion. Daphne’s life may have started out rough, but recently she’s been handed almost everything she could ever want and the worst part is that she doesn’t even seem to appreciate it.

2. She’s not paying for her own mistakes

First, her mom tried to hide the fact that Daphne was a vandal, but even after the truth came out, Daphne still didn’t pay for what she did. Now Bay is going to be the one with a mark on her record for a mistake that Daphne made.

3. She gets away with too much stuff

I wish I could say that the vandalism thing was the first thing she got away with, but it wasn’t. Did we ever hear anything after she took part in activities like underage drinking or using cocaine? Nope, not one word. Because apparently Daphne is a princess who can do no wrong.

4. She ruins everything

Is it just me or does it seem like every time something goes right in Daphne’s world, she finds a way to screw it up? That wouldn’t be so bad if she were only messing up her own life, but she has a way of ruining things for those around her, too.

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5. She never follows through

How many ideas, boyfriends and career choices has Daphne been through since the first season? I know she’s growing up and learning about herself, but sheesh. Can she just pick one thing and stick to it this season?

6. She blames everyone but herself

This is another comment I saw on Facebook and again, and I have to agree. Whenever things go to hell in Daphne’s life, she always points the finger elsewhere. She’s always got a million reasons why everything goes wrong, but none of them are the correct one.

7. She never shuts up

I cracked up when I saw someone say this about Daphne. I hadn’t thought of it before, but yeah, she does kind of talk a lot. Not that talking is a bad thing, but I think when most of that talking is also complaining, people don’t enjoy it.

8. She’s annoying

Come on, you know you’ve had this thought, too. I know I’ve had moments while watching the show where I’ve just thought, “Oh, my god, this girl is really annoying me right now.” Every time she’s rude to her mom or takes her anger out on Bay, Daphne annoys me to no end.

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9. She acts about half her age

For a young woman who was just finishing up high school and looking into college, Daphne has been acting more like a child. I know she went through some bad stuff, but so did everyone else in her family and they never went to the lengths she did. We’ve all had to deal with the death of someone we love, but it’s not an excuse to act like a kid.

What do you hate about Daphne right now on Switched at Birth?

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