Emma Stone in Cabaret: Do critics love or hate it? Read the reviews

Jan 5, 2015 at 2:05 p.m. ET
Image: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

Haven't been to see Emma Stone star in Cabaret yet?

Well, you've got an extra two weeks to get to Studio 54 to see the Easy A and Spider-Man star in her Broadway show debut.

She just announced she will be extending her performance for an additional two weeks.

Maybe she just couldn't break away from Alan Cumming, and honestly, who can blame her? Cumming joined the cast for the final 12 weeks of the Broadway revival run, and Stone stepped in for Michelle Williams back in November.

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Stone had been attached to the production from the beginning, but plans changed when a scheduling conflict forced her to bow out.

Since she has taken the lead as Sally Bowles, the husky-voiced Stone has been getting rave reviews.

Ben Brantley wrote a review in the New York Times, saying, "Ms. Stone's version has the avid eyes and angularity of early vintage Joan Crawford and the dance-till-you-drop energy that's all drive and no gears." He called her "scintillating," "wild, fierce and heartbreaking" and "a shot of heart-revving adrenaline."

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The strong-willed Stone, who at 16 lobbied her parents with a PowerPoint presentation to allow her to move to Los Angeles to pursue her dream career as an actress, is, according to Cabaret writer Joe Masteroff, perfect as Sally.

He says, "Sometimes, actresses play Sally as too much of a lady, but the truth is, she knows what she wants and she goes after it, whether it's yelling at her boss, moving in on Cliff or having her abortion. Sally may be crazy, but she knows what she wants."

Masteroff says that Stone's Sally is a standout from the myriad of other Sallys, which include actresses such as Judy Dench and Liza Minnelli.

Yes, Liza Minnelli.

OK, so maybe Stone isn't going to win an Oscar like Liza did for the role, but that sure is saying something.

Another review says, "There's a unique fire burning in Ms. Stone's realization of the third-rate lounge singer, and it's a shade redder than her hair."

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If you don't believe those highbrow theater critics, then maybe you'll believe TSwift.

Taylor Swift, after rocking out at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, hopped on a plane back to NYC to see Stone onstage.

She said, "Got to see Emma KILL IT in Cabaret last night! Every new project she takes on is even more excellent than her last and it has inspired me since the day I met her 7 years ago."