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40 Ridiculous Galavant-spawned text messages


ABC’s long-awaited musical comedy Galavant finally premiered tonight. Our verdict? In short: We’re pretty down with that Galavant guy and aren’t opposed to going for a ride on his horse. I, along with my editor, Deirdre Kaye, happened to get a look at a preview screening of the show’s pilot. We watched separately but at the same time and texted back and forth. The following details ensued.

Scene: Opening sequence; Galavant is riding his horse and singing

Message 1

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Scene: Galavant begins singing about his lady love

Message 2

Scene: Galavant and Madalena are revealed to be rabbits in the bedroom

Message 3

Scene: The king comes to collect Madalena

Message 4

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Scene: The king becomes excited about “doing it”

Message 5

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Scene: Madalena tells Galavant she’s elected to go with the fame and fortune

Message 6

Scene: Galavant reveals he’s gained 20 pounds

Message 7

Scene: Madalena asks the jester to come with her

Message 8

Scene: The king begins singing

Message 9

Scene: The king becomes paranoid about having the plague

Message 10

Scene: The king insisting that his captives’ daughter write down his instructions

Message 11

Overall thoughts

Message 12

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