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#CongratsOnTheBabyNiall: Wait, what’s happening on Twitter right now?

If 2014 showed us anything, it’s that One Direction’s fans own Twitter.

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The boy band’s online “fandom” is tens of millions strong. It’s made a name for itself all year for hijacking Twitter’s trending section by making its own hashtags go viral. And we’re not talking standard, predictable hashtags — Directioners are known for taking the weirdest, most esoteric things and tweeting the crap out of them.

And with the new year only a couple days old, they’ve already done it again. #CongratsOnTheBabyNiall started trending worldwide Friday and, by late Friday night, showed no signs of slowing down.

According to Epoch Times, the hashtag is just a big joke, and some of the Directioners’ tweets allude to their confusing ability to make literally anything trend.
Now that we know Niall Horan is not, in fact, having a baby, let’s take a look at some of the weirdest examples of hashtags that only a Directioner would understand:

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Remember that time Harry Styles favorited an, um, explicit tweet, inspiring this hashtag? No? Probably because you’re not part of the fandom.


In November, One Direction member Zayn Malik caught a stomach bug and had to miss some shows. When he returned to performing, #ZaynIsBack was a worldwide trend.


What Directioners want, Directioners get — they’ve proven that time and time again, like when they wanted Niall to take a selfie with his new nephew, Theo. The hashtag went viral, and — you guessed it! — Niall took a selfie with his new nephew.


It turns out Directioners’ hashtags aren’t all weird. They got #CongratsJohannah trending when Louis Tomlinson’s mom, Johannah, got married. Cute!


But seriously, most of their hashtags are pretty weird, like #Larryshippersonstrike, which was meant to organize groups who think Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have a secret relationship — “Larryshippers” — and get them to unfollow One Direction’s social media accounts to protest the stars’ supposedly keeping their relationship under wraps.


So this happened.
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What do you think is the One Direction “fandom’s” weirdest Twitter accomplishment?

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