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Is Taylor Swift’s Swiftmas over, or will the gifts keep coming? (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift knows how to treat her fans, and she does it better than maybe any celebrity ever has. Ever.

If this video doesn’t get your soul just a little (or a lot… tissues are recommended), you might want to have your heart checked.

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Swift, who is known for treating her fans like rock stars, has been focusing on recognizing her biggest Swifties with some special and unique trinkets. The gift-giving began all the way back in Thanksgiving and started a holiday tradition that just might continue into 2015 and beyond.

Swift started the present extravaganza by Tay-lurking on some of her biggest fans’ social media pages in order to get a good idea of their likes and dislikes before showering them with her presents and some super-awesome gifts, which she personally wrapped and shipped.

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There are squeals, cry-fests, overwhelmed hiccups and grateful video messages in response to Swift’s holiday presents from some pretty surprised fans. Though Swift wasn’t able to visit each fan, she did something perhaps even more meaningful: She wrote each of them a handwritten letter. And from the contents we saw, these weren’t short letters, either. They covered the cards with words of thanks and praise for her fans.
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We really think some other celebs should take note and focus less on taking their clothes off and focus more on treating their fans as special as Swift does. We really don’t care, ultimately, if it’s publicity or a smart marketing move — Swift has hands-down earned the spot as nicest celeb in our book.

Do you think this is just the start of “Tay-lurking” in 2015?

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