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Madonna loses fans after altering photos of MLK and Nelson Mandela (PHOTOS)

Madonna raised eyebrows when she used images of black civil rights icons to promote her new album. Did the media-savvy star make a misstep, or did she execute the perfect publicity stunt?

In the 30-plus years Madonna has been in the business, she has proven herself as the Queen of Controversy — but this time, she may have gone too far, even for her.

To promote her new album Rebel Heart, Madonna posted a series of artwork on her Instagram account showing portraits of black civil rights icons Martin Luther King Jr., Bob Marley and Nelson Mandela with black cords tied around their faces in imitation of her record cover.

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Here’s her reveal of the Rebel Heart album artwork:

Then this happened:

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And, predictably, people lost their minds.

Our take? Madonna knows exactly what she’s doing and is laughing it up as her assistant tallies up the Google alerts on her stunt. Well played, Madge.

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