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5 Celebs Selena Gomez is BFFs with that you’d never expect (PHOTOS)


Selena Gomez is like the popular girl in high school. She hangs out with all the pretty people and has these amazing adventures.

So it shouldn’t surprise us that she’s ringing in the new year in Dubai with some of young Hollywood’s biggest names. Still, it’s a different crowd than we’re used to seeing the pop star with. (No Taylor Swift or Cara Delevingne in sight.) Here are the superstars she’s spending her time with in Dubai.

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1. Kendall Jenner

Admittedly, Kendall Jenner sort of makes sense, since Cara Delevingne and Selena Gomez are good friends and Jenner is rumored to be hooking up with Delevingne. The two models are at least besties — which is why we’re surprised Delevingne isn’t on the trip. She seems like a more likely companion than Jenner to join Gomez on an adventure like this.

2. Shay Mitchell

We had no idea that Shay Mitchell and Gomez knew each other but, hey, why not? We’re guessing that the two became close because Gomez starred in Spring Breakers with Mitchell’s Pretty Little Liars co-star Ashley Benson. Benson and Gomez became good friends, and since Benson and Mitchell are BFFs, it only makes sense that Mitchell and Gomez would also become friends.

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3. Gigi Hadid

Model Gigi Hadid is friends with Jenner and a model like Josephine Skriver (see below). So we’re guessing that’s her in to the Dubai crowd. She and Gomez no doubt met because they seem to run in similar circles. From the looks of the Instagram photos, the two ladies have really bonded in Dubai.

4. Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson was one celeb we didn’t expect to see on the Dubai trip with Gomez. For one, he’s only 17, but he’s dating Hadid. Though the two are apparently on and off, they’re clearly going strong right now.

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5. Josephine Skriver

This Victoria’s Secret model is just breaking into the spotlight. She is dating The Cab frontman Alexander DeLeon, who joined her on the big celeb Dubai adventure of 2014-2015. We’re guessing she is also part of the Delevingne crowd with Jenner and Hadid, which is how she scored an invite to the trip.

Who are you most surprised to see Selena Gomez getting friendly with on her trip?

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