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26 New TV shows we’re most looking forward to in 2015

Our DVRs might not be able to handle 2015.

We’re not sure if there has ever been a year before 2015 with so many exciting debuting television shows that we’re looking forward to. The time to start thinking about options — like a Hulu subscription or an Amazon Prime membership — should definitely start now. Here are the shows to keep an eye out for in the new year so you can plan accordingly.

1. Galavant

Jan. 4 — ABC

TV Guide has described Galavant as The Princess Bride set to music and, well, The Princess Bride just happens to be my favorite movie. Ever. Of all time. So I’m counting on this show not to disappoint. Early reviews say it definitely lives up to the hype.

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2. Marvel’s Agent Carter

Jan. 6 — ABC

Aside from being a Captain America spin-off following the superhero’s leading lady, we’re also super excited to see Chad Michael Murray in a new show.

3. Empire

Jan. 7 — Fox

Terrence Howard takes on television with this new drama about the hip-hop industry.

4. Eye Candy

Jan. 12 — MTV

Victoria Justice is all grown up in this crime thriller about a girl who suspects one of her online dates is a serial killer.

5. Fresh Off the Boat

Feb. 4 — ABC

A new comedy about a Taiwanese family that comes to America in the 1990s. Loosely based on the life of chef Eddie Huang, this show looks so stinking charming we can hardly wait.

6. Better Call Saul

Feb. 8 — AMC

This is the prequel spin-off to Breaking Bad. Do we need to say more?

7. The Odd Couple

Feb. 19 — CBS

Oh, hey, Matthew Perry. We really hope this is the post-Friends TV show that works for Perry. Especially because the story of two opposite roommates who have to learn to live together has become a classic. Can the new The Odd Couple reinvent the tale enough to make it watch-worthy?

8. Last Man on Earth

March 1 — Fox

The title sort of says it all. This quirky comedy finds a man seeking a woman at the end of the world. Is finding another person (preferably female) really too much to ask?

9. Battle Creek

March 1 — CBS

The pilot of this series was directed by Brian Singer of X-Men fame, which has us hoping this show will deliver on the action instead of being another stereotypical detective show.

10. The Royals

March 15 — E!

The Royals marks E!’s first scripted drama following a fictional British royal family in modern-day London. The show promises Kardashian-size drama plus Elizabeth Hurley as her royal highness.

11. One Big Happy

March 17 — NBC

We love any show that breaks the conventional norms, and this story of a straight guy and a lesbian girl who decide to have a baby together is all about breaking the mold. Aside from being unique, it has hit written all over it with Ellen DeGeneres as an executive producer and Nick Zano, Elisha Cuthbert and Kelly Brook slated to star.

12. Younger

March 31 — TV Land

This show finds a single mother lying about her age to get back into the workforce. Hilary Duff is set as a star for the show, and we can’t wait to see her in a new role.

13. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

March TBA — Netflix

Created by Tina Fey, this series follows a young woman who escapes from a cult to start a life in New York City.

14. Bloodline

March TBA — Netflix

This is a psychological thriller that starts with the black sheep brother of the Rayburn family returning home.

15. iZombie

March TBA — The CW

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this one forever. A medical student-turned-zombie eats the brains of corpses that find themselves in the coroner’s office to help solve crimes.

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16. Grace and Frankie

Spring TBA

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in one show. Together. Who cares what it’s about? OK… you should care because it sounds just as awesome as it should. Two rivals discover their husbands want to run away together. We’re in!

17. Marvel’s Daredevil

Spring TBA — Netflix

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the superhero Daredevil, but he’s about to return in a big way. Get ready to binge-watch this hero’s rise.

18. The Comedians

April TBA — FX

Yay for Billy Crystal! He’s jumping on the TV boat. And with Frozen‘s Josh Gad. The show follows the story of a veteran comedian who is reluctantly paired with his younger counterpart for a sketch show.

19. Zoo

Summer TBA — CBS

Based on the James Patterson novel of the same name, animals begin attacking humans across the globe as a zoologist attempts to stop the potential pandemic.

20. Another Period

Summer TBA — Comedy Central

A Victorian-era reality show spoof that sounds so ridiculous it just really shouldn’t be missed.

21. Scream Queens

Fall 2015 — Fox

Blending horror and comedy, Ryan Murphy’s new show will follow a college campus rocked by a serial killer.

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22. The Whispers


An evil force begins manipulating children and the race to save humanity is on.

23. Westworld


From J.J. Abrams, two people go on a Wild West adventure at a high-tech amusement park populated by robots.

24. American Crime Story


We’re really hoping this is like the TV version of the wildly popular Serial podcast. A true crime anthology from Ryan Murphy, the show will serve as a true crime companion series to American Horror Story.

25. Ash vs. Evil Dead

TBA — Starz

After spending 30 years of avoiding responsibility, Ash is once again thrown into the madness when the Deadite plague threatens all of humanity.

26. Hand of God

TBD — Amazon Prime

Full disclosure, I’m totally biased because I worked on this pilot, but trust me when I say Ron Perlman gives the performance of a lifetime as a judge who may be having a midlife crisis or a vision from God.

Which show are you most excited for in 2015?

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