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Taylor Swift wipes out on NYE, shakes it off (VIDEO)

Everyone was waiting to see if Taylor Swift would kiss Ryan Seacrest when the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, but she almost bit the dirt when she fell down the steps coming off stage.

TSwift, shivering in a strappy crop top in the frigid New York weather, may have been shaking off the cold a little too hard after her performance in Times Square. One fan caught her on video: she wiped out going down the stairs while coming off stage!

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Watch Taylor Swift fall on New Year’s Eve

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The slip came after Swift performed “Welcome to New York” and “Shake It Off” for the huge crowd.

Watch Taylor Swift sing “Welcome To New York” on New Year’s Eve
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But nothing, nothing, could stand in the way of Swift having the awesomest New Year’s ever. Behold:

Hope your New Year’s was as thrilling as Swift’s — without the threat of serious injury!

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