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8 Character voices from Christine Cavanaugh that made our childhood (VIDEO)

You may not recognize the name Christine Cavanaugh. But you, no doubt, recognize her voice, and it’s one that is sure to spur some amazingly nostalgic childhood memories.

Though Cavanaugh herself was never in the Hollywood spotlight, the characters she voiced in cartoons and movies are some of the most notable of the ’90s. She may have retired in 2001 to be close to her family, but the iconic characters she brought to life are sure to never fade.

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1. Rugrats

Out favorite redheaded toddler and his signature raspy voice came from none other than Cavanaugh. We can’t help but wonder how many times she giggled to herself while saying some of the best lines from the series for the first time like, “Life is hard, Tommy. Sometimes I think it’s the hardest thing there is,” and “I don’t think this is such a good idea.”

2. Dexter’s Laboratory

The last voice Cavanaugh took on before retiring was none other than Dexter of Dexter’s Laboratory. A nerdy, boy genius has never been more entertaining. Especially when you throw in his misadventures with his annoying sister, Dee Dee.
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3. Babe

Who didn’t want a pig of their own after seeing Babe as a child? Cue the singing rats and it was a movie destined to go down in ’90s history.

“That’ll do, pig.”

4. The Powerpuff Girls

Cavanaugh may not have been one of the three leading ladies of the show, but she did provide some fun additional voices like that of Bunny and Bud throughout 1999 and 2000.

5. Recess

Excuse us while we let out a long and enthusiastic, “Yessss!” (along with maybe a clenched fist or two in the air) just at remembering Recess. Cavanaugh wasn’t in very many episodes, but she did provide the voice of one of the diggers, which is a group hard to forget.

6. 101 Dalmatians: The Series

Cavanaugh voiced puppies Whizzer and Dumpling who are part of the 101 clan after they stop Cruella De Vil from creating her fur coat and move to a big farm home in the country.
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7. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

I remember this show actually used to freak me out. The monsters were just so weird looking! This show was the Monsters, Inc. before Monsters, Inc. and followed three friends going to school to learn how to scare human children. Cavanaugh voiced monster Oblina.

8. Darkwing Duck

One of Cavanaugh’s breakout roles was the voice of Gosalyn Mallard on Darkwing Duck. This was one of the earlier cartoons so no judgment if you don’t remember it. But look it up and we’re sure you’ll remember the images.
Cavanaugh died on Dec. 22 at age 51. Her cause of death is currently unknown.

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