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Justin Bieber sued after bar brawl, but did he do anything wrong?

By now, the news that Justin Bieber is in trouble with the law doesn’t really shock anyone. However, the singer is currently being sued for damages stemming from a brawl that took place last year, one that he was not physically involved in.

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The Bieb’s security got involved in a nightclub brawl with Wayne Rennalls at a Southampton, New York, nightclub called South Pointe last year and the altercation — which is believed to have all started because of a white bow tie and a waitress — reportedly left the complainant covered in cuts and bruises.

Bieber himself did not get physical with the man, but regardless of that fact he might lose a fat chunk of change from the brawl because he has just been named in Rennalls’ lawsuit.

Why? Well, Rennalls claims that Bieber is financially responsible for his employees. At the time of the incident, footage did not show that Bieber had been involved in the altercation but police were trying to determine whether he had directed his bodyguards into allegedly attacking Rennalls.

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Bieber is not the only person that Rennalls is suing though, he is also suing the club for supplying the Canadian-born singer with alcohol, as he was underage and just 19-years-old at the time of the brawl. Rennalls is reportedly suing Bieber and the club for an undisclosed sum of cash for damages.

While Bieber appears to be trying to stay on the straight and narrow in recent weeks — and the worst thing he has done lately is bail hard on his skateboard — this would hardly be the first time that he has had to cough up cash for his own bad behavior.

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