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Justin Bieber tries to show off his skateboard skills, doesn’t quite impress

Don’t worry, Beliebers. Justin is OK.

So if you find yourself chuckling at his multiple jump attempts, his huge crowd of fans, the paparazzi and, of course, his total wipeout, it’s OK. We give you permission.
Bieber proved that if you keep getting up after falling down, you will eventually land on your feet and fall into the arms of adoring fans afterward. What a life lesson.
The Biebs must have thought that jetting around in what he wanted us to believe is his new private jet wasn’t enough to keep him in the headlines.
He headed out to the streets of New York City for an impromptu skateboarding session, complete with an epic fall and the paparazzi.
Watch his attempts, falls and successes from fans’ videos here:

I mean, he finally nails it, but what is up with his T-shirt dress?

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