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All 15 of James Franco’s upcoming movies summarized in 140 characters or less

We love James Franco, but after all the hoopla around The Interview, we may be suffering a bit of Franco fatigue. The fact that he has 15 movies set to release in 2015 isn’t helping. We summarized each upcoming film, so hopefully, you can pick and choose the ones that are right for you. Some of them sound pretty gosh darn freaky.

1. Sausage Party

Cartoon sausage (Franco) wants to know how he’s made. He freaks out, so do your kids. Seriously.

2. Black Dog, Red Dog

Franco “teaches” film students, edits 10 of their short films together, we plop down $14. Woof.

3. Yosemite

Stand By Me meets mountain lion in California wilderness.

4. True Story

Jonah Hill plays down-on-his-luck journalist, befriends criminal (Franco, duh) and realizes they have a frightening connection.

James Franco (kisses)


5. The Adderall Diaries

Writer with daddy issues takes Adderall and tries to solve murder case involving friend in his sad, creepy BDSM club.

6. Zeroville

Franco plays film fanatic who comes to Hollywood in 1969 and finds Megan Fox.

7. I Am Michael

Gay activist (James Franco) decides he doesn’t want to be gay anymore, so he thumps Bible: True story. Also starring Zachary Quinto.

8. The Little Prince

What does the fox say? Ask James Franco, he’s doing Fox’s voice in the new animated adventure about a tiny royal who fell off an asteroid.

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James Franco guns


9. Rant

Franco plays Buster “Rant” Casey, who loves demolition derby and killing random people. Movie based on the book by Fight Club author.

10. Queen of the Desert

Nicole Kidman plays hot lady explorer, archeologist and spy in World War I. Franco plays some British dude we’ve never heard of.

11. The Fixer

Set in Northern Cal, Franco plays kooky hot tub artisan at the center of a crime mystery, sleuthed by an exiled Afghan journalist.

12. The Disaster Artist

Franco stretches himself to play freako director Tommy Wiseau and makes good movie about worst movie ever, the cult classic, The Room.

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James Franco wink


13. Beautiful People

Movie based on real-life movie hairdresser Jay Sebring, who gets murdered by Charles Manson. Finally, an uplifting film from Franco. Not.

14. Everything Will Be Fine

Depressing German drama where James Franco accidentally kills boy but is strangely attracted to boy’s mom, Rachel McAdams. And it’s in 3D.

15. The Sound and the Fury

James Franco directs himself as the mentally challenged Benjy Compson in the Deep South. Based on book by dead guy.

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Which James Franco movie are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section below.

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