Nicki Minaj and 6 other celebs' videos before they were famous

Dec 30, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. ET
Image: FayesVision/

Before they were famous, all celebs were kids.

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And, it turns out, most of them were adorable kids.

Take Nicki Minaj, for example. Before she was the big-bunned, fast-talking rap queen she is today, she was just a kid in high school who wanted to be an actress. And now, video footage of fresh-faced teen Onika Maraj — Minaj's real name — showing off her skills in a high school acting class has surfaced on the web, and even adolescent Nicki was stealing the show. Her acting is so intense it surprises her drama teacher during this intense scene:


And Minaj is far from the first celeb to have her teenage years immortalized for all to see online. Future celebs seem to have a way of stealing the show, whether it be in home movies, class projects or TV appearances. Check out these six other celebs in videos before they were stars.

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Katy Perry

Before her first "Roar," Katy Perry was a shy teen trying to make a name for herself in the Christian music scene. At the time, her label commissioned a filmmaker to follow 17-year-old Katy on tour and make a short documentary. Buzzfeed unearthed the footage last year, and it is wonderful. Check it out in all its glory below — did we mention Katy calls herself a "pizza face"? So cute.


This video of New Zealand pop star Lorde — or, should we say Ella Yelich-O'Connor — shows she was destined for stardom. At 12 years old, Lorde was a front woman for Extreme, her middle school band. Extreme didn't make it, but we're sure Lorde is finding solace in the fact that literally everyone on earth knows the lyrics to "Royals."


Kim Kardashian

Even as a precocious kid, Kim K. knew she was going to be a star — in an adorable home video, she predicted, "When I'm famous, you can remember me as this beautiful little girl."


Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling

Before they were megastars, JT and the Gos were adorable little buddies on The Mickey Mouse Club. Just try to tell us this video doesn't make you wish they had gotten into the boy band biz together.


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Taylor Swift

Even as an awkward teenager forced into making a fake advertising video for a class, T-Swift was perfect. OK, actually, maybe she was as awkward as we all were in middle school.


Which celeb had the most awkward teen years? Tell us your take in the comments.