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9 GIFs from FXX’s Man Seeking Woman that understand single life

Some of us at SheKnows are happily married or in long-term relationships. The rest of us, though, are still trying to wade through the dating pool. No show on television has yet to capture the terrible-but-funny moments that make up our dating lives better than FXX’s Man Seeking Woman.

Whether you’re a girl or a guy, you’ll relate to these moments while you’re out searching for an SO to call your own.

1. The force field

shocker Image: YouTube via FXX

Ever feel like there’s something big keeping you from the people you’re most interested in? Man Seeking Woman mocks the idea of fate and blames it on a force field. Naturally.

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2) The cool guy friend

Let him in Image: YouTube via FXX

And when you can’t break through the force field, there’s always one of your hotter, cooler friends who will also try. Nothin’ like a little one-upsmanship among friends.

3. Realizing you don’t have swagger


Image: YouTube via FXX

And they’ll either prove you just suck at picking up dates… or that your latest crush is just a hardcore jerk. Usually, they prove you just didn’t have what it takes to tackle the prey.

4. Then you meet the non-stop texter

Phone Image: YouTube via FXX

Just because you found someone to let you in their force field, doesn’t mean the war is won. You still have to get them to stop Facebooking and start talking to you.

5. Or the one who refuses to bond

Nope girl Image: YouTube via FXX

It’s more than nuts! It’s that they hate U2 and make fun of you for watching Gilmore Girls. They have no interest in finding common interests… only in being as contradictory as possible.

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6. And then you fall in love


Image: YouTube via FXX

Of course, eventually you find someone worthy of your love and you give your heart to them. It’s worrisome because you have no idea how they’ll react. You can only hope they appreciate your heart more than the peanuts.

7. You’ll regret it, though

Heart eater Image: YouTube via FXX

They’ll appreciate it. They’ll be grateful enough to take what they want (some time, a couple drinks, maybe free dinner and movie), then scrunch their nose at your one and only fault before returning your poor heart with a chunk missing.

8. So you’ll try again… this time with some help

cupid Image: YouTube via FXX

Fate! Yeah! Let’s see where fate lands you in the dating game.

9. But, fate’s a bitch

Cupid sucks

Image: YouTube via FXX

And you’re still at square one. But, on the bright side, you’ve got Jay Baruchel out there feelin’ your pain.

Man Seeking Woman premieres on FXX on Jan. 14 at 10:30 Eastern/9:30 Central. Enjoy watching someone else go through all the crap you’re dealing with while playing the game of love.

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