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14 Times in 2014 we were totally jealous of Taylor Swift’s cats (PHOTOS)

As 2014 draws to a close and we reflect back on our year, we can’t help but think it could have been even better if we had swapped places with Taylor Swift’s cats — Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson — a time or two.

Chilling in a cozy bed, performing parlor tricks and watching NBA All-Stars with Taylor Swift? Yes, please! Meredith Grey — named after the character on Grey’s Anatomy, natch — is living the high life.

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For the record, if we lived with Swift we’d probably sit around staring at her all day, too. But, seriously, can we nominate Meredith to have an “Intense Showdown” with Jimmy Fallon in 2015? That would be super.

Proving — once more — how amazing she is, Swift named the new kitty she got earlier this year Olivia Benson. As in Mariska Hargitay’s Law & Order: SVU alter ego. As in, one of the best characters ev-er. If Swift adopted us, we bet she’d give us an equally badass name.

You guys, she totally tucked her kitten into bed. Snug as a bug, er, kitten in a rug.

Oh, to be eye-to-eye with Ed Sheeran! Perhaps one of the best fringe benefits of being Swift’s cat is getting to canoodle with her dreamy boy BFF.

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C’mon… who wouldn’t want to have a slumber party at Swift’s place and get a wake-up call from the pop princess herself in the morning?

Another major perk of being one of Swift’s furry besties is the downtime — downtime that is spent lounging around on super-nice furniture in front of a luxe fireplace looking downright adorable.

That’s some good sleep, y’all. Then again, if we were serenaded by Taylor Swift every night, we’d probably slumber as deeply as Olivia Benson, too.

A running joke in many movies is how Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones are the masters of the voice-over. But, judging by this incredibly adorable video of Meredith, we’re going to go ahead and put this out there — we’d want Swift narrating the playback of our lives.

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Not only does Swift spoil her cats, but they also get completely spoiled by her parents. Just check out this stunning cat portraiture Swift’s mom and pops took while cat-sitting for their famous daughter.

That bed looks like the stuff sweet dreams are made of. And considering these cats get to spend upwards of 12 hours a day snoozing there, we’d happily swap lives with them for a day.

Swift is even cute when she tries to be angry. “Olivia, that is a hard no.” Yeah, if that’s as tough as life gets as Swift’s cats, we’ll take it. Any day of the year.

Is it really any surprise that Swift’s cats are complete snuggle bugs? The sweet star practically bubbles over with love, and it looks like a lot of it lands on Olivia and Meredith. We’d feel extra cuddly too.

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We’re not 100 percent sure what “one of those nights” entails, but we’re fairly certain it would involve PJs, cuddles and binge-watching Netflix. And we’re 110 percent certain we want in.

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