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Shaq getting shoved into a Christmas tree will fill you with cheer (VIDEO)

If ever you needed a reason to start watching TNT’s Halftime Report, here it is, my friends — Shaquille O’Neal getting shoved into a giant Christmas tree by NBA studio analyst Kenny Smith.

The holiday debacle happened mid-show when O’Neal and Smith jumped out of their seats for an impromptu race to the back of the set. Of course, Shaq didn’t get that far.

In the midst of the mad dash their paths crossed, and Smith gave his fellow analyst a friendly shove that sent Shaq on a collision course with the studio’s giant Christmas tree.

Thanks to slick floors and Newton’s First Law of Motion — a body in motion will stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force — Shaq crashed into the tree with some pretty impressive momentum, sending holiday balls flying through the air.

As Shaq worked to pull his hulking 7-foot-1-inch frame off the ornament-laden floor, Smith and the others struggled to maintain their composure. Oh, who are we kidding, they laughed hysterically while Smith shouted out, “That was an accident! That was an accident!”

Fortunately for Smith, Shaq took the coniferous crash in stride — the gentle giant made his way back to his seat, joking, “This means war.”
If that doesn’t fill you with cheer, we just don’t know what will. At the very least, it should be good for some post-Christmas giggles.

The only thing that could make this festive blooper better is knowing that we can count on another, ahem, funny run-in between Shaq, Smith and holiday decor next year. After all, this isn’t the former baller’s first mishap with a Christmas tree.

Allow us to play the ghost of Christmas past to remind you of this classic Shaq “attack”:

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