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Rosie O’Donnell tears into Stephen Collins with a scathing poem

Did Katie Couric fail in her interview with 7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins? Rosie O’Donnell certainly thinks so!

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Collins previously made a bombshell confession about the sexual abuse of three underage girls during a statement to People magazine, and he recently shed more light on the events that took place during an interview with Katie Couric — an interview that O’Donnell was very, very unhappy about.

Outspoken O’Donnell decided to blog about the interview and let the world know she’s disappointed with Couric’s line of questioning, and so, she took it upon herself to write a lengthy and particularly scathing poem.

Speaking of Couric’s interview, The View co-host wrote in all lowercase letters, “i was sure she was gonna do 2 him / what she did 2 sarah palin / hit him with his truth / right between the eyes / expose him for who he was / “what newspapers do u read sarah?” / she saved us all then. “

However, O’Donnell didn’t feel the same way about Couric after watching Collins’ interview. And she then turned her attention to the No Ordinary Family actor.

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O’Donnell wrote, “he took the hand of 10 year old girl [sic] / and used it to jerk himself off.”

Collins has only admitted to placing the young girl’s hand on his penis before realizing he was making a massive mistake. However, his victim claims he ejaculated.

“we both just sat there – we didn’t move a muscle” / uummmmm – after u came on the kids [sic] hand – u mean? / stephen …right? / u are not equals / she was an innocent child / a baby girl / u have a daughter for gods [sic] sake / were u able to resist the urge to touch her ? / how noble …,” O’Donnell wrote.

She then explained how something very similar to what happened to Collins’ first victim happened to her at the hands of a man she trusted, and that something like this does not go away; it changes you forever.

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“in case u wonder / what ur man sized [sic] penis – ur abuse of power / ur lack of impulse control did to that kid / i will tell u a bit about me/ sex is not fun/ not now/ not ever/ it is married to a lingering terror / joy evaporated / my body became my enemy / i would not love it / take care of it / treat it well / it had betrayed me / caused such pain and humiliation / i did not want 2 feel / 2 know / like many survivors of childhood sexual abuse / i became obese.”

It’s a powerful poem! To read more, head over to O’Donnell’s blog.

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