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Patrick Stewart is keeping it weird on Christmas and it’s awesome (VIDEO)

Could it be that Sir Patrick Stewart has been knocking back a little eggnog this Christmas?

The Star Trek actor was apparently gifted with a magical dancing elf hat, complete with blinking lights this year, though it doesn’t look like he’s totally stoked about the present. In a hilarious YouTube video, a red-faced Stewart is standing against a wall, trying to keep it together as the ridiculous red and green hat wiggles around and sings a song about Santa’s elves as it sits upon his head.

At some points in the footage, Stewart is grimacing so dramatically it appears he’s either going to cry or is in pain. Eventually, it’s obvious he’s just being silly.

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The video, titled “Sweet Hat Bro,” was put up by Stewart’s singer/songwriter wife, Sunny Ozell. Ozell, unlike her husband, is not trying to hide her amusement. You can hear her laughing hysterically the entire time Stewart is squirming.

Ozell and Stewart were married in September of 2013 and the ceremony was officiated by none other than Stewart’s BFF, Sir Ian McKellen. The 74-year-old actor wed his then-37-year-old bride after dating her for five years. The two met at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2008.

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We have to say we are a little bit surprised at Stewart’s Christmas bashfulness. Stewart and McKellen fearlessly traipsed around New York City for the better part of the first half of 2014. The pair celebrated their friendship, which very well might be the bromance of the century, as they were both starring in two Broadway plays: Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land and Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. Stewart shared a series of pictures on Twitter in which he held hands, embraced and engaged in numerous other silly hijinks with his dear friend, McKellen.

Check out Stewart’s fantastic dancing elf hat below.
Image: Sunny Ozell/YouTube

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