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Nicki Minaj’s Rolling Stone cover leaves nothing to the imagination

Well, at least it’s not her butt this time.

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Rap Radar has leaked a photo of Nicki Minaj’s upcoming Rolling Stone cover, and to say it leaves little to the imagination is putting it pretty lightly.

The cover features Nicki in a barely-there white tank. Its straps are so skinny, they just barely cover her nipples. Let’s just say the cover is drawing attention to more than her music, or even her butt, which we’ve probably seen enough of this year anyway.

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The title, under her name on the cover, is “Mad Genius, Manic Diva.” According to the website,, this is the first time Nicki has been on the cover of Rolling Stone, though she’s been on countless other covers this year, including Billboard, ESPN, Fader, Complex, Dazed, Vogue and more, because, let’s face it, she’s had a hell of a year (“Anaconda,” anyone?). But the writers at Rolling Stone are Nicki fans regardless — they gave her most recent release, The Pinkprint, a four out of five star rating, called it her “busting-out-all-over magnum opus” and said Nicki “breathes fire and oozes soul every time she touches the mic” in the review.

But even with a whole newsstand full of covers this year, Rolling Stone is, without a doubt, the rapper’s raciest one yet — or, at least, her raciest cover that has nothing to do with her posterior.

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The leaked cover hit the web Tuesday, but there’s no word on when the issue, which will likely feature more photos, will be released. For now, check out the leaked cover here and then head to the comments section and tell us your thoughts about it.

Is it too racy? Or is it a good fit for Rolling Stone, a publication that doesn’t exactly have a history of shying away from controversial shoots and subjects? Is Nicki a good choice for a Rolling Stone cover? Sound off below!

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