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Christmas music gets some serious swag with this Kanye West Yeezus parody

Now, this is holiday music like you’ve never heard it before.

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Los Angeles-based comedy trio, Local Business Comedy, has released an entire Christmas parody album of Kanye West‘s sixth album, Yeezus, which they’re aptly calling Kreezus, and it is not something to be missed this holiday season.

Each song has been given a unique holiday twist and, while the lyrics have changed, the beat and base of each song remain the same, meaning now you get to have some holiday cheer Kanye-style. Santa Claus has never seemed so cool.

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“I just talked to Jesus/He said, ‘What up, Kreezus?’/I said, ‘Climbing buildins, trying to gift these childrin,” is just a taste of the lyrics from the first track, “Long Night.”

Trust us when we say, reading the lyrics just doesn’t do the songs justice.

The song “I Am A God” becomes “I Am A Klaus,” “New Slaves” is now “New Sleighs,” “Blood on the Leaves” gets a cheery new title, “Lights on the Trees,” and “Bound 2” transitions to “Wrapped 2.”

You can listen to the album in its entirety below. (Warning: It is brilliant, but it’s also explicit.)

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This album has us wondering only one thing: Why hasn’t anyone thought of doing this before? It’s pretty brilliant. West and the hip-hop community should take the popularity of this parody album as a sign that there’s a whole holiday market they’re all missing out on each year. Who wouldn’t want some Christmas cheer from Kendrick Lamar and Drake just as much as they want it from Idina Menzel and Carrie Underwood?

Would you buy a holiday hip-hop album?

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