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Khloé Kardashian’s most heartbreaking tweets and Instagrams of 2014

Khloé Kardashian, on most accounts, is having a pretty good year.

She got a new nephew, thanks to sister Kourtney, she watched her sister, Kim, walk down the aisle in an elaborate wedding and she even enjoyed newfound love with rapper, French Montana.

Though Khloé never misses an opportunity to make it known to her large social media following how much she has in her life and how grateful she is for everything she has, she also put up some pretty cryptic posts in 2014 that made us believe that maybe everything isn’t rainbows and butterflies.

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Khloé never directly references her ex, Lamar Odom, but we’re only left to infer that her super-sad, contemplative social media posts are about him and their divorce. Here’s a look at all the times Khloé Kardashian waxed poetic about love lost this year.

Early on in the year, Khloé showed that she was, indeed, healing a broken heart

But healing seemed like a great, fresh start to 2014.

In February, she posted a quote referencing what she’d been through over the past year

Perhaps she was feeling melancholy because of Valentine’s Day — she did post this the day before.

The day after Valentine’s Day, she made it pretty clear she was still hurting

But we’re glad she still values kindness.

By the end of Feburary, she was still thinking about her divorce, but feeling stronger

How many times did Odom have to say, “I’m sorry”?

In March, Khloé began to question the meaning of things

And got poetic about pain

In April, she talked about times of darkness and brokeness

But still seemed determined to keep going.

Then, in May, she had a near run-in with Odom at a club

These posts came the day after she almost saw her ex out on the town. Apparently, it sparked up some memories, good and bad.

She also hinted that she still thinks about Odom

This had to kind of stink for French Montana.

And wants him to fix himself

This seems like a direct line to her darling, doesn’t it? But she’s putting her foot down, she won’t be broken by him.

After a couple months of silence on the subject…

The moon came up again.

In September, she made clear she still held out hope of being Mrs. Odom

Never say never.

But in October, she was sure she couldn’t save her troubled love

Ugh, so sad.

In November, she was looking for closure

We’re hoping she will get it.

December brought so much heartbreak on Khloé’s part

And we could feel it ourselves.

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