We're Shameless! Have 8 spoilers from Season 5

Dec 23, 2014 at 6:11 p.m. ET
Image: Showtime

Hey, Shameless fans! Season 5 is fast approaching and we have a bunch of spoilers to help you prepare. Where are Fi and Lip? What are Debs and Carl up to? We have the answers you're dying to know!

Ready? OK!


When we find Fi, she'll be coming off her court-mandated house arrest and she'll be more than stoked. So stoked, in fact, she'll go to desperate measures to lose that ankle bracelet when the office is closed. That can't end well, right? We'll also find her locked in an intense, but completely nonsexual, friendship with her boss at the diner. Or, well, at least it's nonsexual on his end. He can smell Fiona's brand of trouble from a mile away and knows a relationship with her won't be good for his own recovery. How long can he keep his hands to himself?


Lip made it through his first year of college and did OK. When that rich steady girlfriend of his asks if they should see other people over the summer, though, he won't know how to react. And, while at first he plays it cool and tells her to do what she wants, some pics and a reality check makes him realize his feelings are a little deeper than he originally thought. We always thought he was ripped, too, but when he takes a job stacking rocks (yes, literally), we'll see him put in some back-breaking working that he might just not be cut out for. When Ian enlists Lip to help stop Mandy from moving to Indiana, will he soon find himself back in the sack with his favorite little neighbor girl? All bets are on, "F*** yes!"


Ian's living with the Milkoviches where Mickey and Mandy are trying to help him deal with his manic-depressive state... without actually calling it that or fully acknowledging that he has some serious issues. When Ian shows up to a soldier's funeral and a Westboro Baptist-like church is there protesting, he quickly loses patience and tells them off. From there, it devolves into one seriously convoluted plan for revenge against the bad-mouthing preaching. How far will they go? Let's just say Mandy plays a seductress, but someone else ends up on their knees.

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Poor Debs! She's still going through that awkward phase of wanting to be a grown-up but still looking like a little girl. Left out by her crummy friends, Debs takes to bonding with Frank, but we all know that will only last as long as he needs her. When Fi finally realizes Debs is having a tough time, she makes it better by dragging her along to a bar where a band/Fi's favorite customer is playing. Fi's wild side rears its head, though, when a guy gets too grabby with Debs. Debbie might think it's cool to watch her big sis throw punches, but what else will she take away from that moment.


Carl has a broken ankle and steals a wheelchair from someone in the street. So, ya know, he's pretty much exactly the same.


Seems completely normal. So, we guess snorting Fi's coke had no real lasting impression on him. Or, at least, he's too young for us to notice yet.

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With a whole new living, Frank thinks he can get away with going back to drinking. Sadly for him, though, it takes so little time to get him sloshed that he can't properly enjoy drinking. His solution? Make his own moonshine. What goes into it, though, will completely gross you out. Later, he'll meet the father of the man whose liver Frank is currently destroying and his outlook on what to do with his new organ will turn a whole body's worth of donor parts onto the completely wrong path to recovery. Nicely done, Frank.

What's going on with Sheila, Sammi, Chuckie, Kev, V and the new babies? Aw, c'mon! You don't want us to ruin everything for you, do you? Let's just say jealousy runs wild. But, you'll have to tune into Shameless on Showtime on Jan. 11 at 9/8c to get all the deets and find out even more about cable's favorite family.

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