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Girl Meets World: 6 Reasons you absolutely need to watch

We’re about a dozen episodes into the premiere season of Boy Meets World‘s official spin-off Girl Meets World, and viewers are hooked. It seems like there might be some holdouts, though, and we think you’re missing out.

There are some valid reasons why you should watch the new gig, and we’ll share them with you.

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1) Cory and Topanga

One of the main reasons we loved watching Boy Meets World is because of the overarching love story between Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel). We watched the “hair with the girl attached” push the Brillo-headed Cory up against a locker and kiss him, and from that moment, we spent our entire childhood routing for them. We witnessed good times and bad and, ultimately, left them on a high note. Haven’t you ever wondered what happened to your favorite couple? Now you can know — and it’s great.

2) Their kid is fantastic

Riley Matthews is the exact replica of her do-gooder dad, complete with her rebellious friend, Maya, who reminds us a lot of one Mr. Shawn Hunter. She’s quirky and sweet, goofy and sincere. It’s hard not to fall in love with her almost instantly and, yeah, care about her life and misadventures.

3) But, no, it’s not an obnoxious kid show

We know your big concern: You don’t want to watch a kid show. Disney knows they’re targeting two very different demographics, though, and they do an excellent job of catering to both. Yes, we’re watching Riley navigate school and growing up, but her parents are there every step of the way. We even watched them celebrate an anniversary recently.

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4) Reunions abound

Obviously, Boy Meets World would have been nothing without all those supporting characters in Cory and Topanga’s lives. So far in Girl Meets World’s season, we’ve seen Minkus, Harley, Shawn and Mr. and Mrs. Matthews. Eric is on his way, too. We even saw a quick glimpse of Mr. Feeny. Sort of.

5) Cory is the new Feeny

The only time we’ve glimpsed the actual Mr. Feeny is on a winking subway billboard. As a matter of fact, we think he might be dead in the show. However, the show isn’t lost without him. Just as Feeny taught Cory, Topanga and the gang plenty of life lessons over the years, that job has fallen on Cory’s shoulders now. No, he’s not as surly as Feeny. But he cares just as much. Each episode, we watch Cory try to teach his daughter a lesson in her social studies class and quickly watch as, like before, the lesson comes home with the student. It’s just like old times, except this time Cory serves as the guide.

6) There’s a new cast of supporting characters

Riley and her parents aren’t alone. There’s Maya, who is the new and improved Shawn Hunter. And Auggie is her little brother, who is just as cute and annoying as Cory’s little sister, Morgan, was. There’s also Farkle, the class nerd with a huge crush on both Riley and Maya. And then there’s the new kid with the country accent and Riley’s first real crush.

Everything about Girl Meets World is perfectly lovable and watchable for all ages. We love nothing more than curling up for 30 minutes with the little kids in our lives and experiencing the new adventures of our old friends. Give it a try. You won’t regret it.

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