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Iggy Azalea slams her critics with 10 epic tweets

Iggy Azalea has had a rather confrontational year and her Twitter account has been filled with feuds and criticism from both artists and complete strangers. Think she’s losing sleep over all the hate? Think again.

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Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, the “Fancy” rapper posted a series of tweets to let the world know that she has a pretty tough outer shell and she’s not letting the comments about her place in hip-hop get to her.

Earlier this week Q-Tip let his disdain for the rapper be known when he wrote several tweets asking her to understand hip-hop’s place and history in society. The Australian-born rapper then thanked Lupe Fiasco and for coming to her defense (and we all know she’s in need of supporters, because she certainly has a growing number of enemies).

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The former Blacked Eyed Peas star shared his views about how Azalea has been positively promoting the musical genre regardless of color. He also expressed his sadness that people are making such a big deal about race in hip-hop rather than focusing on the ethics of it.

And finally, Azalea ended her rant with a message about some holiday cheer. And she needs it, because aside from the backlash she’s been receiving, hackers also recently threatened to release stills from her alleged sex tape.

Tell us what you think: Does Iggy Azalea deserve all the hate that’s coming her way?

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