10 Jane the Virgin theories: Who is Sin Rostro?

Jane the Virgin resumes its first season tonight. Sure, over the past few weeks, we were tempted to spend the majority of our time lamenting the fact that there were no new episodes of our new favorite show, but instead, we used our time wisely. Kudos to us for wiping away our tears and taking on the selfless task of investigating Sin Rostro possibilities.

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Word on the street is, the Sin Rostro reveal will be shocking. TV Guide recently spoke with Jane executive producer, Jennie Snyder Urman, and according to her, the Sin Rostro reveal will take place in Episode 12. Tonight’s return marks Episode 10, so there’s not that much longer to wait. In the meantime, though, let’s examine each character and determine the likelihood that they are the mysterious “man without a face.”


In the first nine episodes, we’ve seen Jane get accidentally artificially inseminated, mull over what to do about her predicament, get engaged to Michael, get un-engaged to Michael, start dating Rafael, stop dating Rafael, start dating Rafael again, attempt to navigate a teaching placement, deal with infertile couples wanting to hug her left and right, learn the truth about her father, meet her father, argue with her mother over the lies she told about her father and maintain picture-perfect hair every single time she’s on the screen. My point? Girl is way too busy to fit in being a drug lord and a murderer.

Although the revelation of Jane as Sin Rostro would be shocking, and therefore not entirely implausible, this is too out there, even for a show in which its heroine manages to get accidentally artificially inseminated. (Side note: This show is wonderful, so we don’t really care about how plausible this whole accidental artificial insemination thing is, but we reserve the right to bring it up whenever we feel like it!)


Oh, Rafael. How is it that you manage to look so perfect in pastel colors and how do you keep your skin so evenly tanned? Whoops, sorry, got a little sidetracked there. Last we saw of Rafael, he was certainly looking guilty of something, meaning if he were Sin Rostro, it would be way too obvious. Hence, the chances of him being Sin Rostro are about as slim as the chances of getting accidentally artificially inseminated.

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Michael is a cop, and it’s entirely possible he could be a corrupt one. Corrupt cops are definitely always shocking. Except Michael is a sweetheart who fails miserably at being two-faced (remember that time he tried to get Jane to turn on Rafael by pretending to give Rafael a chance?). Also in Michael’s favor as a non-drug lord is the fact it seems hard to believe someone as ruthless and dark as Sin Rostro would be as patient and kind on the no-sex front as Michael was with Jane. When you live your life so far underground, it’s likely you’ll want some company there, and it’s unlikely the company you keep will be there merely for conversational purposes.


But let’s not forget that Michael isn’t the only cop on this show. And his partner on the police force seems committed to helping him nail Sin Rostro. But she also seems committed to nailing (in the other sense of the word) Michael. Is she perhaps sleeping with Michael to distract him whenever he gets close to a lead? Um, yes, she totally could be. People, we have ourselves in Nadine our first real Sin Rostro possibility.


Sure, Petra might not be who she says she is, but that doesn’t mean she’s Sin Rostro. If she were a drug kingpin, she’d have a lot of money and there would be no need for her to be sleeping with former boyfriends to get them to help her sabotage Rafael so she can get more money in the divorce settlement. She’d also probably be a little better at holding people hostage. She also likely wouldn’t care that said hostage is threatening her; she’d probably just send him to the big hotel in the sky. The fact she hasn’t done that suggests she doesn’t have the ruthlessness required to be a drug lord, so if she is Sin Rostro, it would make zero sense.

Petra’s mom

When we got our first glimpse at Petra’s mom and that scarring (making it seem as though the “without a face” part was literal, as well as figurative), I thought for sure I had nailed the identity of Sin Rostro. Then, everyone else also started to think it was her, and it became apparent that it simply can’t be her. Way too obvious. She’s a deviant, sure, but it seems to come from a place of being desperate to survive rather than from a place of real menace.

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If the woman who tells the children in her dance classes that she’s having a hard time is Sin Rostro, it would be as believable as me staging a bid to become the president of Estonia. Someone who is that obsessed with Paulina Rubio cannot possibly have the constitution required to execute people and profit from drug manufacturing. Would it be shocking if she were Sin Rostro? Yes. Would it be shocking and plausible? No.


My money is on Abuela. Kidding. It’s highly unlikely this woman of pure heart who tries so hard not to commit sin, let alone be someone who has sin in their very name, would be the person in question. But she’s the most plausible of the implausible options if you really think about it. Plus, she presents as the most entertaining option, and this show is a comedy after all.


Rogelio might be a dim-witted, yet lovable, narcissist, but that could totally be a front. This guy is a definite contender, particularly in light of the fact that he wears some really nice suits. Drug kingpins wear nice suits, right?

The narrator

Some very astute people on the interwebs have pointed out that the narrator is currently the only person on the show whose face we can’t actually see, making him the perfect “man without a face.” A crime boss of the magnitude of Sin Rostro would also be aware of all that is going on around his turf, which would make Sin Rostro the perfect person to narrate this show. Plus, even though some already have him pegged as Sin Rostro, he’s not at all a completely obvious option, making the reveal as shocking as we have been led to believe it will be. Plus, this is by far the most clever option and this show has certainly established itself as clever.

Who do you think is Sin Rostro? Let us know in the comments below!


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