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23 Muggles that got the most magical Harry Potter tattoos

Prepare to have your fandom reborn just by looking at these tattoos. Some are simple. Some are out-of-this-world complex. But all of them will make you remember just how much you adore the story of a wizard boy named Harry Potter.

1. There is no way this one won’t pull at your heart if you’re a fan

2. This one is just terrifying

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3. If I got a Harry Potter tattoo, it would probably look like this

4. If only my friends were this cool

5. Lady Potter because, well, feminism

6. So simple yet so classic

7. Because we were inspired from the very first page

8. A much better statement than f*** you

9. Now this is creative and definitely weeds out the true fans

10. This is what you call dedication

11. Nothing but a masterpiece

12. Taking detail to a whole new level

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13. Why choose one house when you can have them all?

14. Celebrating the unsung hero

15. Too many good quotes to capture them all

16. It’s real for us

17. Just like tattoos, each patronus is unique

18. A reminder that we can all spare a sock

19. The first clue he might be your soul mate

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20. A sorting hat for those days when you need some organization in your life

21. Because it’s impractical to carry one around all day

22. I guess that’s one way to catch it

23. The quotes never get old

Which Harry Potter tattoo would you want?

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