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Is Daryl safe? Definitive look at who Walking Dead will kill next

No one is safe on The Walking Dead, not even the most popular character on the show. We’ve got a list of those most likely to die next.

Death is a part of life for the survivors of the zombie apocalypse and if you’ve been watching this show since the first season, you’ve already had your heart broken multiple times. In fact, creator, Robert Kirkman, said that the actors have even come up with a “death dinner” to send off those actors whose characters are killed on the show.

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Kirkman talked about the ritual in an interview with CNN, where he also said that no one was safe on the series, not even one actor, in particular.

“No. No one is safe. Definitely not. I’m looking at you, Norman Reedus.”

Apparently, Kirkman isn’t at all afraid of the many fans who have threatened to “riot” should Reedus’ beloved character, Daryl, get killed off on the show.

As a fan myself — of the show and of Reedus — I know that I would be devastated should Daryl die any time soon. But I also think that it could be a good thing for the show, purely in terms of story line. Think about it: Do we, as viewers, want creators of TV shows to always follow our wishes? Isn’t it more interesting to watch a series when you have no idea what will happen next and you can’t even be sure that the most loved characters will stay alive on the series?

I think the more fans declare retribution if Daryl dies, the more likely it is that he could definitely be next. Talk about a way to keep fans on their toes. Also, many of the deaths on the series have been not just about losing that character, but also about what that loss has meant for the other characters. If Daryl died, it would create a ripple effect that would bring heartbreak to many other people. Rick would be lost without his brother in arms and Carol, well, there’s whole lot of drama there, as well.

Even if Daryl isn’t the next one to go, we all know that more people are going to end up dead on this series. Let’s take a look at who else could be next.

1. Carol

I know it’s practically sacrilege to mention Daryl dying and also mention Carol as the next likely candidate, but I can’t help it. It seems like the more I love a character, the more likely they are to die and there’s no doubt her death would have quite an impact on the entire series. Personally, I’ve felt like Carol was going to die for a while now, so it could be that her time will be up soon.

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2. Glenn

I know Maggie just lost her sister, but that’s strangely one of the reasons I think Glenn could be next. The creators use death as a way to tear down the other characters and losing the man she loves right after losing her sister and her father would decimate Maggie.

3. Carl

Before you think this is about hatred towards Carl, let me reassure you that I actually like Carl. Sure, in the first couple seasons he was basically just a pain in the ass, but he’s become quite an intriguing character. He has matured to the point where he is no longer a hindrance to Rick, but a help and that’s precisely why I think he could be killed. Carl’s death might just send Rick over an edge that no one can bring him back from.

4. Michonne

The thing about Michonne is that her death wouldn’t just devastate those around her, it would wreck the audience, as well. I’ve enjoyed watching Michonne go from a woman who was just doing anything she could to survive (up to and including chopping off the arms of her friends to make them into walker guard dogs), to a woman who has found her humanity. She’s just starting to look forward to the future and that’s why I fear she could be one of the next ones killed.

5. Tyreese

Tyreese has become the new heart of the group in my opinion. He’s seen so much death that he has found it hard to kill and has even started spouting off wise words to the rest of his makeshift family. He’s become a big, lovable teddy bear — which makes him ripe for the picking as the next victim.

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6. Eugene

Now that he’s outlived his usefulness as the guy who said he knew how to stop the apocalypse but was just lying to save his own butt, Eugene could easily be taken out. Though I have a feeling that’s not going to happen as it would almost be pointless to kill him now. My bet is that Eugene will figure out a way to redeem himself and then he’ll get killed off.

Who do you think will be the next to die on The Walking Dead?

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